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Ary Bestari

photographer bio

The photographer's journey

An inherited profession from his father who used to be a journalistic photographer - Ary knew professional film camera since his younger days. In his late teen-age years, he began teaching himself photography from reading magazines, video tutoring, and most importantly persistent practice.


Putting what he learnt into action, landscape and architecture images is what caught Ary's interest the most. Balancing correctly between time, camera settings and photographic angle to produce rich twilight natural colors in a photograph is what he feels most magical about in photography.

Professional Hotel Photographer

In 2008, Ary began taking photographer more professionally. It was not long until his photographs are in demand commercially and are appointed by starred hotels, villas and restaurants to assist their photography needs. Over the years, his works have been published in local and international magazines, newspapers, calendar and websites. Not only he is an interior and food photographer, Ary also is a marketing and branding consultant in one of the leading branding companies in Indonesia - Epistula Communications.

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